“A” – AR Public Art by Phoebe Man 2018 擴增實境公共藝術 “A” 文晶瑩 2018

Hang Seng Management College was set up by Hang Seng School of Commerce. The School was crowned as “A-Class” by the media. While searching for the School’s photos on the Internet, it is found that many of them are of students showing their certificates with several “As”. What does an A class teacher look like? In an interview*, a student said that some teachers did not go to the auditorium to take pictures with the students who had received “As” and rather stayed in the classroom to soothe those who were perplexed and crying because of less than expected results. She thought those were good teachers. In fact, the definition of “A” can be very diverse. In the AR art work ‘A’, audience can interact with the virtual ‘As’, to express their views on ‘A’ and to redefine ‘A’.

*Ting Yan. “Seeing Hong Kong’s Elite Education from Factory A”, Vjmedia, 18 Feb., 2013. , Web: 22 Feb., 2018. 

恒生管理學院由恒生商學書院成立。恒商被傳媒冠以「A級學府」的稱號。在網上搜索學院的照片時,看見大部分都是同學們一起展示拿A的証書。A級的老師又是怎樣的呢?一篇訪問*中,同學說有些老師沒有到禮堂與拿3A或以上的學生拍照,而是留在課室安慰成績稍遜、正在徬徨哭泣的學生們,那便可見那些是好老師。其實A的定義可以很多樣化,這個AR作品 ‘A’,同學可以跟虛擬的A互動,以表達自己對 ‘A’ 級的看法,重新定義 ‘A’ 級。


Augmented Reality Public Art Initiative

Date:24.03.2018 – until further notice

Venue: Hang Seng Management Campus, Heritage Discovery Centre, Kowloon Park

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Hang Seng Management College, School of Humanities and Social Science

Jointly organised by the Art Promotion Office and Hang Seng Management College, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Cultural and Creative Industries Programme

International Symposium on Augmented Reality Public Art

Date: 24.03.2018 (Sat)

Time: 14:00 – 18:00

Venue: Heritage Discovery Center, Kowloon Park

Assistants of the works:

3D animation: Kwok Man Ho

AR technical support: Cosmo Ng & Jerry Tsang

Photo: Charlotte Csasewfara, Siu Fei, Charlotte Yip, Vivian Chan

日期:24.03.2018 – 直至另行通知


日期:24.03.2018 (星期六)

時間:14:00 – 18:00
地點:香港文物探知館, 九龍尖沙咀海防道九龍公園

作品協作人員 :
AR技術支援: 吳俊英、曾梓喬

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