by Iona Miller, 2017
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Archetype of the Universe
The Universe in Philosophy, Magick, & Science
by Iona Miller, (c) 2017

“At ubi materia, ibi Geometria.
Where there is matter, there is geometry.”
— Johannes Kepler, Concerning the More Certain
Fundamentals of Astrology (1601, 2003).

“The pentagram has always been prominent in magic and apparently owes its position to the Pythagoreans, who called it “Health,” and used it as a symbol of recognition of members of the brotherhood. It seems that it owed its properties to the fact that the dodecahedron has pentagons for its faces and is in some sense a symbol of the universe.” –Bertrand Russell, A History of Western Philosophy, 1945, page 147

To know the meaning of life, we have to explore the meaning of our own life — our interpretation of our particular reality. Interpretation is a supportive technique for ‘ordering’ the cosmos. Everything has a pattern including the core patterns of creation. If there are ‘right’ angles are there ‘wrong’ angles, too?

Is our Topology of Space inherent or imposed from our interconnective relationship to self, world, and cosmos? What is the nature of being seen from within? Mathematical solids are interesting facts but also carry a host of mythic associations valuable to the soul which embody deep meaning in the geometry of the imagination — coded hypercognition and cosmic consciousness. What’s inside the mirror of reflective experience, the intersection of the imaginal and deep memory? Expanded, contracted, and dissociative states.

Plato decreed, “Let no one destitute of geometry enter my doors.” In the Timaeus, Plato describes how triangles make up five solids we call the Platonic Solids, and how these solids make up the four elements and heaven, or the firmament. These solids were central to Plato’s vision of the physical world that links ideal to real, and microcosm to macrocosm. These mathematical forms had a great deal to do with the crystallization of esoteric doctrines and tradition, perhaps beginning with the Book of Enoch.

The notion that the mind is connected to the cosmos is the essence of magic. Transitions and transformations open an esoteric dimension beyond the world of nature in the domain of spirit, from the contemporary to the eternal, from the material to mythological, and a vision of suprasensible realities. The transformation is an enlargement of personality, an assimilation and integration of new outer experience with an inner element.

A new entity is produced when duality is enclosed: dual aspects of light and dark, form and formlessness, conscious and unconscious, ideal and transient, male and female, spirit and nature, sacred and profane, order and disorder, the known and the unknown. Images mediate authentic holistic Presence into incarnated divinity. We might include the mathematical duals of the icosahedron and dodecahedron. Image is alchemical — the fruit of realized soul. Image work is transformative.

Material changes have spiritual consequences, as spiritual changes have material consequences. Rituals are rites of discovery and transmutation of instinct as religious function. The therapeutic frame is analogous to the magical and cosmic frame. All recognize the ontological status of the demarcated unconscious dimension. Psyche is the substrate of all imaginal activities.

Crowley’s Abyss anticipated the profoundly unknowable unconscious that can never be raised to consciousness, but relentlessly pull us down into bottomless gaps in awareness that open the yawning void. Compare Hegel’s “Unconscious Abyss” that anticipated psychoanalysis. All unconscious data is unknowable directly.

We can conjecture on a psychic and metaphysical unconscious as an epistemological unconscious that informs us indirectly. The psychic unconscious is the sum total of imaginal activity. The metaphysical unconscious is informed by or conscious of the absolute. It’s only unconscious from a psychological point of view.

The dodecahedron symbolizes the absolute unconscious, the creative unconscious. Mathematical metaphors model the zeitgeist of their epoch. But more than a metaphor, the secret to life is in these forms and numbers, including the secret of the Flower of Life and the Ether or virtual vacuum which pervades all scales with dense energy potential from micro- to macrocosm.

We can have epiphanies into the very nature of reality, profound understanding and amplified meanings, and the feeling of universal oneness with the hidden cosmic consciousness of all things. We can tune into and feel with a penetrating deep understanding that everything is interconnected and interdependent in an inseparable cosmic web of relationships. Soul is also attentiveness. We have to bring our own understanding to the Heavenly Stone of Light.

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