Atmospheric Game Music – Exo Exit Soundtrack: Mars Traveller

Mars Traveller is an atmospheric and spacey sounding piece of music from the Exo Exit soundtrack composed by Harry Pinnock.
EXO EXIT: A Shattered World – Return to Mars

“The pressure’s on you to return to the hostile surface of the red planet and forge a base for mankind. It’s do or die. Action, exploration and adventure in this VR-based first-person sci-fi simulation game.”

Do you like what you hear? If so you can get early access to the full digital audio album soundtrack called “Phases of Red” by supporting our campaign on Kickstarter. The album will be later released on popular digital music stores.

Our launch is set tie together with NASA’s ExoMars launch date on March 14th 2016 so when it launches you can head over to our campaign and help us take off too.

To keep in the loop further more signup to our”Mission To Mars” newsletter via the site link above. You can also listen to more tasters of the game’s incredible soundtrack or see some of the work-in-progress screenshots, characters, weapons and story overview.

Let us know how this videos visuals and audio composition makes you feel?

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