BECOMING VIRTUAL II – I want to live forever

Becoming Virtual is a series of works where the artist explores the transformation of reality. This work is called “I want to live forever” and was made for Akureyri Art Museum (IS)

I want to live forever
Akureyri Art Museum, group show 29.08 – 18.10.2015


The work is a digital virtual reality show which takes place on a sunny beach and is about digital three-dimensional replica of the author, who is dealing with the trials of becomming human. It sparks ideas on artificial intelligence and the consciousness of the being in some kind of performance when the artist copies himself and teaches the being about human nature. Here, Arnar deals with human nature and its connection with the environment. The piece borrows the look of a paradise island, where hot winds, warm waters and clear skies symbolise the perfect life. It’s an important link to the human escape from reality.

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