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Latest News

Sony Hints PSVR 2 Could Bring HDR, Wireless, Eye-tracking & More

Speaking this week at the Collision 2019 conference in Toronto, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Vice President of Research and Development, Dominic Mallinson, detailed a number of “must-have ‘evolutionary’ improvements” for future VR headsets. As reported by VentureBeat, Mallinson reiterated that Sony is still strongly behind its PlayStation VR initiative, and has plans to continue its work in VR on […]

Glass Enterprise Edition 2: faster and more helpful

Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is built on the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 platform, which features a significantly more powerful multicore CPU (central processing unit) and a new artificial intelligence engine. This enables significant power savings, enhanced performance and support for computer vision and advanced machine learning capabilities. We’ve also partnered with Smith Optics to make Glass-compatible […]

Google to Shutter Jump VR Video Service in June – Road to VR

Google seems to be taking somewhat of a step back from VR, as Variety reports the company will be shutting down its Jump program for good next month. Google posted an updated Jump FAQ recently regarding the shutdown of the VR video service, outlining that Jump will officially go offline on June 28th, 2019. The ability to […]

Doodle Cam AR Draws Users Closer To Their Imagination

The perfect AR app for all your doodlin’ needs. A few short weeks ago, my friend and former colleague, the prolific Aidan Wolf, connected the dots between an old school effect built into a JVC camcorder and the seemingly infinite possibilities of AR resulting in an app he’s called, Doodle Cam. Inspired by a clip […]

Tools to help you vote in the EU elections

New ways for candidates and parties to reach voters Supporting the electoral process also means helping voters learn more about their choices in the elections by providing accurate information about candidates, political parties, and their key priorities. The German Press Agency (dpa) provides us with information from electoral commissions in each EU country on candidates […]

This Week’s VR Game Roundup — Get Punching, Dancing, and Questing!

Credit to: Harmonix/Oculus Beat Saber (Full Release) It’s odd considering how enormously successful Beat Saber has been thus far, but the game just saw its full release this week! Taking the rhythm genre and adding in a dose of lightsaber-style combat, it’s a match made in heaven. A bumping soundtrack and several difficulty levels make […]

Holopipe AR Toolkit Launched for Android and iOS

Holopipe AR Toolkit Launched for Android and iOS | ARPost This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.Accept Reject Read More Privacy & Cookies Policy Source link (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)

Tag Manager: Introducing Custom Templates

Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360 help you more easily and safely deploy tags for all your marketing and measurement tools. Security and collaboration features give IT teams more control over the tagging process, while features like auto-event triggers and built-in templates help marketers get the data they need without having to deal with […]

Heroes’ Exits Early Access – Road to VR

Front Defense: Heroes is a first-party multiplayer shooter from Vive Studios, developed by Taipei-based Fantahorn Studio. HTC today announced that the WWII-themed shooter is heading out of Early Access today with a few updates in tow. What’s more, HTC is giving Front Defense: Heroes away for free (to keep forever) to Viveport users if you download the […]

Pavlov VR Open Alpha Now Available On Oculus Quest

One of VR’s most popular military shooters makes a surprise appearance on the Quest. After spending just a few hours with the Oculus Quest hardware, Pavlov VR developer David Villz (davevillz) confirmed yesterday via Twitter that the fast-paced multiplayer shooter will be heading to the standalone headset. Today, davevillz announced that Pavlov VR Quest, Open […]

collaborations with Google Arts & Culture

For centuries, creative people have turned tools into art, or come up with inventions to change how we think about the world around us. Today you can explore the intersection of art and technology through two new experiments, created by artists in collaboration with the Google Arts & Culture Lab, only recently announced at Google […]

Rift S Will Get Enhanced Passthrough & ASW on the Latest NVIDIA GPUs

Thanks to the tracking cameras on Rift S, the headset also comes with a pass-through video feature which Oculus calls ‘Passthrough+’ (with the ‘+’ denoting its low latency, stereo-correct, wide field of view). While it’s the best pass-through video we’ve seen on any consumer headset so far, the feature will soon be enhanced to take […]

Review: The Oculus Quest Is The Most Exciting VR Headset In Years

A new era in VR technology arrives with the Oculus Quest standalone headset. The Oculus Quest shouldn’t exist—at least not at this price. First teased at Oculus Connect 3 in 2016 as “Oculus Santa Cruz,” the Quest has spent the last three years evolving into a jaw-dropping piece of technology that could end up defining […]

What’s for dinner? Order it with Google

French fries, lettuce wraps, massaman curry, chicken wings, cupcakes—I could go on. When I was pregnant with my son last year, my cravings were completely overpowering. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to jump into the car and go to my favorite restaurants to get my fill—food delivery services saved my bacon on more occasions […]

Virtual Reality Helps With Losing Weight

At VR Fitness Insider, we are a bit biased when it comes to using VR as a fitness tool. We honestly use it every day and constantly look for new ways to leverage this immersive technology to help people get more active. I love it when I run across people using VR to workout in. […]
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