BluAtomVR Immersive Wireless VR Vest & Gun Controller

BluAtom, Inc. has developed the next generation accessory for VR gaming, enterprise and military training applications featuring the first immersive wireless body motion-tracking system.

The BluAtomVR system, which comes equipped with a haptic vest and gun controller, can both detect and enhance your movements, for a more immersive and engaging VR gaming and training experience, it effectively turns any player’s body into a game controller.  

BluAtomVR’s body-tracking vest and hand-motion gun controller create a much richer interaction than any of the VR gaming accessories currently available. The Wireless enabled system allows for complete freedom of player’s movement. The lightweight vest is designed with both form and function in mind, boasting a sleek aesthetic made from lightweight, breathable materials.

The BluAtom VR System is fully compatible with the HTC VIVE™. No special device driver is required; it can be used with FPS PC games or on the Steam video game platform.

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