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Santa’s on the run, and only you can save him. Step into his boots to become Nick—the hard-boiled badass Claus bent on survival. Battle killer robot elves in this VR tower defense survival game, and try to hold out against the evil hordes to save what’s left of Christmas. More info at: Game and […]

VR Inversion

This awesome Ultra HD animation is a seemlessly looping 3D visual of an amazingly futuristic virtual world with colorful fractal textures, modern graphical elements, artistic bokeh effects, electric power patterns, creative modern designs, and abstract CGI VFX in a galaxy of rendered beauty that defies imagination. For licensing, contact Chris Dortch [email protected] Likes: 1 Viewed: […]

Take a look around VR with Realm

See more at Not only is it here to stay but the surge in recent development work by the likes of Samsung, Oculus and HTC means that affordable, accessible VR platforms are now comfortably within reach for clients and content developers alike. Using 360 degree spherical panoramic images, we can create rendered architectural environments […]
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