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TEDxSanDiego 2017 Opening Animation

For 2017 I was lucky enough to be asked to concept, storyboard and animate the opening sequence for the TEDxSanDiego and I gladly volunteered my time to this amazing event! The theme was Created Future(s) and was centered around the 7.4 billion humans contributing together to create a collective future together! We created a mixture […]

Gallamimus run test – AnimVR

“They’re…uh…flocking this way.” Here’s a test from 8 months ago now. Since then my workflow has evolved a good bit, but I enjoy the loose handling of these Dinos. Amazing to see all the excitement surrounding VR animation, with the release of Oculus Quill’s animation features. This was animated in AnimVR. Likes: 56 Viewed: source

GSA- Luminary NYC Animation Walk-Thru + VR Experiences

GSA Presents a short animation video walk-thru of the new Luminary NYC Offices located at 1204 Broadway, Floors 3 & 4. VR Experiences brought to you by GSA + Luminary are virtual + augmented reality experiences that highligh views through-out both floors; showcasing the anticipated space and design of the new Luminary NYC Offices! VR […]

Interactive animation 'Mini World VR'

‘Mini World’ is a VR project for immersive experience by combining interesting elements of animation and game, such as intensive story telling, elaborately hand … source
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