Design10 Videos


VR Chennai – Walkthrough Video

A sneak-peak at VR Chennai! The development strategy of the Project is to develop a premium retail, dining & entertainment destination that attracts the larger … source

Blijdorp Zoo Oceania VR experience

Look through the periscoop to explore and get a virtual tour in the oceans Client: The current expo already runs for 5 years, there was a need for a update. Together with Het Proces and GenG Design we developed a fitting add on within the given budget. Greenpeace provided a 360 video to play […]

DECOL Motion Design Reel 2016

DECOL Creates motion graphics for electronic music artists, mapping and LED contents for brands and Virtual Reality contents for several industries. 0.01 – Giaser Album Teaser, Minus Label 0.07 – Gaiser Music Video, Minus Label 0.10 – Matador Content Production, Rukus Label 0.20 – Corporate Video Mapping , Johnson and Johnson, 0.22 – Album Teaser […]
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