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Backlit Gallery VR experience: in-game footage

Oculus Rift VR installation for in gallery experience. Heritage Lottery Funded interpreted historical visualisation of I&R Morley lace factory in Nottingham. Created in 3ds Max and Unity Likes: 0 Viewed: source

Atlas, The Next Generation

A new version of Atlas, designed to operate outdoors and inside buildings. It is specialized for mobile manipulation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically … source

Selling Out: Going from Games to VR/AR Software

Ty Root and Ian Villamin have a combined 20 years of experience in the gaming industry. Ty’s background is in gaming media, while Ian comes from development. They’ve both recently made the transition out of games into Virtual Reality and want to share their experience with you. In this session, they’ll discuss the differences and […]

VR Game: Nova Asteroids

Virtual Reality game debuted at the Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane, WA, 2015. The game features the players’ movement as controller (no handheld controllers). Created by NovaWake Studios, which I was the creative director at that time. my role: creative director platform: Oculus Rift DK2 locations: Oculus Share, NW Museum of Arts and […]
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