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Japanese VR Nightmare

We’re going to try Virtual Reality for the first time. I’m sure we’re going to handle it just fine… If you’re in Tokyo and want to give this a shot, read more on our blog! source

PCGamer Weekender 2017 – WePlayVR

Visitors at the event trying out our latest highly immersive VR game. The game – Mayan Temple– sees players search for the Lost Statue of the Golden Monkey, which is hidden within the walls of a Mayan temple, guarded by the Serpent God and protected so only those who know the secrets can reach it. […]

Commuters given a glimpse into future of train travel – 1:1 Square

After the UK’s coldest spell in five years, commuters were transported to the sunny climate of Western Australia this morning via the power of virtual reality, giving them a glimpse of the future of train travel. Chiltern Railways passengers from Oxford to London donned state-of-the-art VR headsets that gave them a three dimensional entertainment experience, […]
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