Cerre FW13 Installation . Ascension Loop

Cerre FW13 Installation Loop . Ascension

Elemental Significance . Water

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. — Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law

Ascension . Expansion . Dissolution uses generative scripting and graphic manipulation to portray the transference of the Individual path to elevated-consciousness via the classical esoteric elements Water, Earth, and Air into a post-human, technology-driven form of transcendence.

Imagine a significantly more advanced world than we live now, where our evolution will be guided by our own hands; technology will be the catalyst for our physical and philosophical ascendancy. As we are currently moving into a future of multiple layers of reality, physical, augmented, and purely virtual, we can also expect the unlocking of the subconscious realm to reveal another layer. Through implanted control mechanisms, we can instantaneously trigger states of higher awareness, or slow-down and speed-up our perceptions of time, so that a lifetime in one layer would be an instant in another; allowing us to fully explore our interior worlds. By associating our gestural trigger mechanisms with classical esoteric symbolism (elemental and ritualistic) we reach deeper into our primal collective-subconscious to ease the unlocking of our infinite mind.

Originally projected as a constant loop in vertical orientation and accompanied by a live performance by Marsona for the Cerre FW13 Film / Installation / Performance event on 3/20/13 at the Cerre flagship store at 8920 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood, CA 90069

Direction . Clayton Webster / Chris Friend
Imagery . Clayton Webster / Chris Friend
Digital Magic . Chris Friend / Clayton Webster
Sounds . Marsona ( Brian McKinley . Guitars / Clayton Webster . Synthesis )

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