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Have you ever wanted to step onto the moon, step into a video game, or just step out of reality? Do movie concepts like The Matrix’s artificial world, Star Trek’s Holodeck, or Inception’s lucid dreaming intrigue you? If so, here’s an opportunity to become part of a paradigm-shift that will change the world.

With your help, we will install an immersive environment that is publically accessible for people to create and experience a new kind of movie theater – one with surround sound AND surround view (360° visual immersion). James Cameron’s Avatar was a great movie with beautiful landscapes, but imagine actually being on the planet of Pandora! You will be able to experience that and much more.

What is this project?

We are creating a simulation system that used to just be science fiction. Our goal is to provide the ability to create digital simulations that, as far as your brain can tell, is indistinguishable from physical reality. We essentially want to provide people the ability to lucid dream in a waking state 🙂 Current virtual worlds provide people the ability to live out alternate realities, but unfortunately the interaction is limited to controlling an avatar through a flat 2D screen and a keyboard and mouse … NOT very immersive 🙁 By creating a new, immersive platform, people can actually step INTO the virtual world and BECOME their avatar.

The simulation system will allow you to see virtual worlds in a 3D 360° first person perspective, allowing you to exist IN IT rather than watching it as a spectator. This system requires three key components:

1. Stereoscopic Head Mounted Display (HMD) Vision plays a large role in how we perceive reality. As display resolutions increase, one day the images will be so HD that our brain cannot perceive the difference between a physical and digital image. A HMD encapsulates our field of vision and simulates the visual experience. The more funding we receive, the higher res an HMD we can incorporate.

2. Motion Tracking Sensors To provide a full 360° visual experience, the system will need to know the position, direction, and tilt of your head. Motion trackers allow the system to capture your movements and provide a realistic, immersive experience. The more funding we receive, the smoother the tracking can be, allowing for higher-speed interaction.

3. Python Software Platform We want to open up the system to allow people to create environments and experiences. Python is the architectural language of the simulator, and will allow all the crazy coders to program some AMAZING applications. Imagine being able to share and download your digital experiences – you could time travel back to ancient Rome or see what it’s like to walk around on Mars. With all the creative talent out there, we’re sure people will create things we can’t even imagine yet.

Successful funding of this project will allow us to assemble all these components and turn it into the WORLD’S FIRST publically accessible hackerspace for immersive experiences.

Why are you doing this?

Ultimately, we want to change the world. We want to create a new method of communication, a new way to interact with digital environments, and a new medium for artists to convey the imagination inside of their minds. We want to give people the freedom to alter their reality and a fulcrum to explore their creativity. We want to create the Matrix/Holodeck and spur innovation in the industry of immersive technology.

We need your support! Help us form a groundbreaking community that will ultimately change the way people live. All of your pledges will be invested into the cost of a basic HMD, simple motion tracking technology, and programming of various virtual experiences. Additional funds will allow us to acquire higher end systems that offer even more immersive experiences (higher res displays, faster tracking, and even haptics for tactile feedback…)

What is Immersive Technology?

The term “immersive technology” refers to technology that blurs, if not erases, the line of distinction between the finite physical world and the infinite digital world. Examples of immersive technologies are 3D displays, holograms, surround sound, 360° dome environments, virtual worlds, brain-computer interfaces, gesture-control interfaces, artificial intelligence, and digital overlays (augmented reality).

By stimulating our perception of the 5 senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell – immersive technology can recreate physical experiences through a digital medium. This digital medium can be altered as desired to create extraordinary experiences.

Who are we?

We’re the founders of Immersive Tech (ImTech), a non-profit think tank created to promote the development and adoption of immersive technology for the benefit of advancing fields in public interest, such as education, health, arts and entertainment.

We host an annual Immersive Technology Summit. This year it will be at the Los Angeles Center Studios on October 21st. The summit organizes a community that bring together technologists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and industry leaders in various fields of immersive technology.

This year’s summit will feature groundbreaking speakers, a 360° fulldome installation (think planetarium style), exhibitors demonstrating cool new technology, and with your support, this simulation system!

Spread the word, help us be heard!

Harold, Kevin, & Nathan

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