For the 2017 Berlin Gallery Weekend we cooperated with renowned techno legend DJ Hell to create a VR exhibition at Seven Star Gallery in Berlin Mitte.

On the occasion of the release of DJ Hell`s new album ‘ZUKUNFTSMUSIK’ we devised 2 VR experiences based on the new songs ‘Anything, Anytime’ and ‘Wir reiten durch die Nacht’. 
In our virtual space, a 360° dance choreography merged with immersive light sculptures, futuristic vehicles and interactive op-art-elements.

The 3 day event also featured a physical representation of some of the virtual objects as well as series of framed photographs taken during the creative process. This event was also the first time DJ Hell performed his new songs in front of a live audience.


Entering the first VR experience ‘Anything, Anytime’ the viewer finds himself in the midst of a 360° dance performance surrounded by a pulsating immersive light installation. Mysterious figures keep appearing out of nowhere, approaching the viewer, forcing an interaction, until falling back into deep, all-obscuring fog. The whole spatial experience is tinted in strong colors borrowed from the gay community`s hanky code, DJ Hell`s main source of inspiration for this track.

The second VR experience ‘Wir reiten durch die Nacht’ throws the viewer into a futuristic, dark, digital and minimalistic world. This world is constantly evolving according to the use of musical elements and the dramatic composition of the track. Changes in the scene happen in unexpected ways, playing with perceptions of orientation, gravity and scale. The viewer might find him/herself dwarfed by a giant virtual head or surrounded by an armada of flying futuristic vehicles.

Concept: Lois Kainhuber, Tim Stolzenburg, Olivier Fröhlich, Veith Michel

Spatial Planning and Development: Tim Stolzenburg

Art Direction: Lois Kainhuber

Creative Producer: Veith Michel

Motion Design: Nino Matthei, Jan Weber

Unity coding and design: Gero Doll

Compositing: Kevin Müller

Sound Design: Olivier Fröhlich

Live Visuals: Jan Weber

Film Shooting “Anything, Anytime”

Director: Lois Kainhuber

1st AD: Veith Michel

360° DOP: Kevin Müller

Choreography: Jakob Yaw

Dancer: Jakob Yaw, Joy Alpuerto Ritter, Georgina Leo Melody

Hair, Make-up & Styling: Akira Knightley

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