Episode 2 of LuckyPDF TV: Auto Italia Live

Saturday 23 October 2010

Presented by Jeremy Bailey

Our presenter this week joins us by live video link from Toronto. Jeremy Bailey is an artist with a homespun take on augmented reality.

“Jeremy Bailey is a video and performance artist whose work is often confidently self-deprecating in offering hilarious parodies of new media vocabularies” Marisa Olson, Rhizome
Taking his cue from YouTube monologues, screencast instructionals and conversations where you’ll always see yourself in the little box in the corner, Jeremy Bailey returns what was taken from television in the ‘broadcast yourself’ revolution.

Mediated by technology, distance and humour, one layer of image on the screen is no more or less real than any other.

Clubbing Society TV Special: Life As It Could Be

To coincide with the evening’s full moon the Clubbing Society will both host and feature in a special interactive program that calls upon both the studio audience and viewers at home to partake in a series of ongoing climactic activities that lead to a bloody finale.

Utilising this unique collaboration between Auto Italia and LuckyPDF to its full technological potential, LIVE link ups with other ‘clubbers’ across London will expand our collective consciousness in an age of global feeling all in the light of the moon.

In this feeding trough of a collaboration, creativity will be distributed through a public and artistic network, empowering individuals in order to realise the wisdom of the group.

By placing a very important emphasis on the unknown, the Clubbing Society refuse to shy away from the delicate nature of LIVE television by exposing it’s potential for risk taking in the true spirit of it’s motto “to dare is to feel.”

Rachel Pimm, The Art Shopping Channel

Launching ASC, the Art Shopping Channel: A new way to view and buy contemporary artwork for your home.

This Saturday join us for an EXCLUSIVE Launch programme where our very own Samantha talks to Artist Rachel Pimm about the inspiration behind her ‘FANTASTISK’ new great value designer range of home tiling, available to buy and install in your home!

As with all our shows, Rachel’s work, can be ordered LIVE- but hurry, these are LIMITED EDITIONS and they wonÕt last long. ASC presents FANTASTISK tiles by Rachel Pimm, order on 07748505172

Too sincere to be parody, ASC sites work by Rachel Pimm both in the tropes of shopping TV production and as a method of distribution into a second site both as images and in physical form – your homes. Rachel produces work commenting on lifestyles and aspirations in both the public and domestic realms, using existing networks for collaboration. ASC is proudly presented by Samantha Leverette, joining us from QVC and The Ideal World Shopping Channel. The Voice of ASC is David Shuker.

Danielle Dean

Through media language and video editing this work looks at and questions notions of difference and specific barriers that may be present in discussing this subject. Working with another artist Sean Flaherty to interrogate the collaborative nature of this subject Danielle subverts her responses to questions around the subject of identity and difference.

Danielle Dean is based in LA and works with reference to a variety of media – science fiction, advertising and pornography to explore contemporary ideas of race and social difference.

Jessica Wiesner, Andrew Kerton, Katie Horwich and Sophie Rook

CHOICE: Saturday 23rd October 6pm

Pick of the week: Events Unfold

One to Watch: Pilot Pilot: Episode 1

Step into a juicy grove of scandal and sample a twenty minute segment of TV studio based drama. With Katie Horwich, Andrew Kerton, Jess Wiesner and special guests.
“painfully thin untrained dancer” Christy Lange (Assistant Editor, Frieze, Berlin). Andrew Kerton, attended de Ateliers in Amsterdam in 2004/5. He is a founding member of Keren Cytter’s touring dance company D.I.E Now (Dance International Europe Now). He works in video and live performance and he is currently based in Berlin.

“When is deft writing not enough? When is fine acting little comfort?” Helen Shaw (New York Time Out). Jess Wiesner attended de Atliers Amsterdam in 2004 and works in mainly live performance, theatre and installation. She is based in London.

After working in McDonald’s, Boots and Golders Green Crematorium, Katie upgraded to being a film extra, mostly in the role of “1950s escort”. She lives and works in London.

Nicholas Quenzer – Sets, Spectacles and Receptacles

Nicholas Quenzer’s set is constructed of sculptural forms and the images they create, their nets and projections. Throughout his work, lines are constructed of wood, tape, digital vectors, each producing forms with equal weight and physicality.

Demarcating perimeters, the floor is divided into sections, using flat polygons with the potential to translate from floor markings to vertical partitions. Templates determine the environment, viewed from above as if architectural proposition.

Fictional restraints are translated through virtual actualisations. Parameters are non-physical yet adhered too through schematic imprisonment.

The set is viewed as open and exposed, a sum of parts, components and elements. Individual sections combine towards a potential whole, bringing harmony to an otherwise disparate array of televisual products and paraphernalia.

Titles and visuals by Daniel Swan

Daniel swan is a video artist and illustrator based in Brixton. His work draws on technology, sci-fi imagery, architecture and video experiments expanding on new, but firmly established forms and styles, YouTube mashes and colour keyed video collages.

Daniel moves between VHS distortion and high definition video, emulating real world processes using a limited digital palette. His work often use tools for jobs they’re not designed to do and working in one media as if it were another, creating 2D images with video software and found object sculpture to present a narrative.

He has produced videos for Wiley and Crystal Castles and is currently working on a sequel to his VHS science fiction short Lux Laze, release in as limited edition tape and publication.

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