Eyeo 2014 – Lillian Schwartz Conversation

Computer Films: 1970 – present – Lillian Schwartz is best known for her pioneering work in the use of computers for what has since become known as computer-generated art and computer-aided art analysis, including graphics, film, video, animation, special effects, Virtual Reality and Multimedia. Her work was recognized for its aesthetic success and was the first in this medium to be acquired by The Museum of Modern Art. We’ll screen several short films as chat with Lillian remotely for some Q&A and comments.

See the accompanying short video produced for the Eyeo Festival by The OCR on Lillian here: https://vimeo.com/110408261

*Session moderated by Jer Thorp with assistance from Ben Rubin.
**Special thanks to Mark Hansen for assisting with technical production at Lillian’s home.

|| www.lillian.com
|| @eyeofestival
|| @The_O_C_R

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