Floating Stones (Video) Preview

“The DAWN of INNER REALITY” is a virtual reality (VR) project that extends upon Leung’s new media and Chinese ink practice. Drawing on the theory of technological singularity — which holds that invention of artificial superintelligence will prompt uncontrollable technological growth, resulting in unimaginable changes to human civilization—the artist explores how art can respond or adapt to such change. Beginning with real-world abstract paintings made using raw mineral pigment, oil paint, watercolor and ink, Leung integrates his work into the virtual space using VR technology.

The installation will encompass VR headsets that allow the audience to observe and experience the painting process through an immersive virtual realm. Developing the millennia old medium from a flat to 3-dimensional space, Leung prompts the viewer to consider how art can be experienced amidst the unprecedented technological innovation of today. The VR experience is further complemented by original paintings, together with videos, prints that capture the visuals as seen through the VR headsets, and 3D-printed sculptures which offer a physical touch to illustrate the full dimensionality of the virtual painting.

The body of work seeks to create a new contemporary aesthetics in art, and most importantly, present a possible future path for abstract art in the 21st century.


© Ink Painting, Video Art, 3D Sculpture and
VR Development by Desmond Leung
Music composed by Laura Inserra

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