Get set festival presentation

Presentation about Konstruktiv / Subsquare & Video Mapping work of 2010-2011.

“Being in contact with the audience through an emotional level of energy is very important in his work. Not only telling a story but also bringing the audience to an emotional state of mind. He loves visual freedom and the opportunity to communicate through visual elements. His work is based on refined minimal forms of art. The video content, live visuals, light canvases and the physical constructions / sculptural installations are stripped down to its most fundamental features. Playing with light and shadows as a material that can be seen or felt gives the augmented sculpture more dimensions in time and creates movement in physical spaces. He wants to create a magical journey for the audience – bringing them on the front-row of a projected virtual reality.”

Get Set Festival 2011 – Oporto, Portugal – Opo Lab space.
Thursday 6 October 2011.

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