If we meet is my graduation film from Edinburgh College of Art, which explores the shifting notion of selfand desire through the changing perspectives of time. Some perceptions remain the same, some change, while some ultimately return to their origins. If we meet is of no particular time; it belongs to a timeless realm where reality and memory collide. It hypothesises the separation of one person into 3 distinct characters from 3 different stages of existence.

Officially selected by:
Holland Animation Film Festival 2010
5th China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival 2010
Tricky Women International Animation Festival 2011
Monstra Animated Film Festival 2011
Womanimation festival 2011
Cortoons Tv & Cortoons Festival 2011
Istanbul Animation Festival 2011
Chongqing Independent Film and Video Festival 2011
“Isomer ”Screenage Art Phenomenon Exhibition 2012
當下showing-exhibition 2012
Whatever You Want New Media Show 2012
26th Image Forum Festival 2012 – Fresh Sensation/Chinese Independent Animation
Xi’an International Animation Film Festival XIAFF 2012
First Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale The World of Soul: As Virtual Artistic Engineering 2012

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