Introducing the Google AdMob App Policy Center

Advertising policies help ensure a good user experience while maintaining a healthy advertising environment for app publishers. However, we also understand that without the right tools to streamline and simplify the process, handling policy violations can be frustrating for publishers. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the new App Policy Center for Google AdMob and Ad Manager. 

The App Policy Center is part of our effort to protect quality AdMob and Ad Manager publishers while building and maintaining a healthy and trustworthy advertising ecosystem. It is designed to provide publishers with a single centralized hub to review and monitor policy violations and appeals, providing publishers with greater insight into our policy enforcement process. With all the information needed to remain policy compliant in one place, the App Policy Center will help reduce the risk of potential revenue loss resulting from honest mistakes.

The App Policy Center is available now for both Google AdMob and Ad Manager users. You can access it from the homepage dashboard once you sign in to your account. 

More about the App Policy Center

The App Policy Center is a single, convenient destination for you to understand everything related to policies and take action as needed. More specifically, you’ll be able to:

  • View current warnings, violations, and appeals in progress
  • Appeal policy warnings for certain violations within a 30-day window 
  • Request review after addressing a violation and track the status

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