January 30, 2015 MPCC Board and Membership Meeting – Dr. Timothy Pletcher

Dr., Pletcher is the Executive Director of the Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services, which is structured upon a public and private non-profit collaborative. The organization is dedicated to improving the healthcare experience, quality and decreasing costs for Michigan’s consumers, payers, providers, and related audiences by assembling and sharing valuable data, a the point of care.

Tim also directs Central Michigan University’s Institute for Health and Business Insight. This agency serves corporations such as Dow Chemical, Proctor and Gamble, Henry Ford Health System, and Steelcase with decision making data.
His career began in the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering where he built advanced data networks. He later joined the university’s medical center in developing the Health Sciences Network.
With the University of Michigan he led a significant and sizable staff for the production of financial systems, billing, mainframe upgrades, electronic interchanges, conversion to a single patient statement, and related aspects.

In 2000 Tim and his project team were recognized with the Smithsonian-Computer World Medal for utilizing virtual reality and computer based modeling and human patient stimulation reducing medical errors.
He also had Washington, D.C. career with the Federal Inter-Agency Working Group on Data Management for Global Change, the Centers for Disease Control, United Nations, World Health Organization, and World Bank.

He received his doctorate and master’s degrees from Central Michigan University. His bachelor degree was from the University of Michigan.

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