Kaleidoscopic Dreams

Kaleidoscopic Dreams

Kaleidoscopes are fascinating in their nature because of their beauty and their capacity in fostering calmness and balance. They enhance creativity, raise our spirits, help us relax, and focus. Similarly to the activity of dreaming, looking through a kaleidoscope engages both the right and the left side of our brain, a key agent in problem solving. The power of the kaleidoscope is attributed to the mandela patterns which are presented in the multiple mirror configuration of all kaleidoscopes. Mandalas symbolize oneness with the surrounding and the universe, representing all with no beginning and no end to the circular designs. In creating this video, I want people to experience, in their altered consciousness, the power of the distorted hand-painted geometrical patterns and bright colors, while in their soul revealing state of mind. The goal is to promote creativity, balance and openness.

For this project, hand-painted plates are viewed and filmed from inside a giant, handmade kaleidoscope. This kaleidoscope was used in two public art installations. The first installation took place in the forest and the other one in an old hangar type of building. The hand-painted plates were changed during the duration of the installations and were made from transparent acrylic boards. The choice of transparent boards was to let the ambient light and the environment show through and melt with the painted images. The plates were also lit at night with a black light, to reveal the patterns create using glow in the dark paint. The audience could look into the kaleidoscope both day and night. At night, a camera filmed the inside of the kaleidoscope and the image was projected to environment surfaces or rendered into virtual reality.

Karine Guyon is a Canadian self-taught painter, an installation artist and a curator for ArtBomb, an online art auction site. She has lived and created art in 9 different cities, including Vancouver, Toronto and Barcelona. She presently resides in Ottawa. After obtaining a BA in International Studies and First Nation Studies in 2011, from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Guyon decided to pursue her main passion for the arts. In 2015, Guyon was awarded an Emerging Artist Grant from the Ontario Art Council and an installation grant for her collaborative work called Kaleidoscopy. Her latest project has been to paint abstract paintings combining tradition medium to ultraviolet pigments and presenting them under backlights. You can view her work by following this link: www.karineguyon.com. Her paintings can be found in numerous international private collections as well as public collections namely the Simon Fraser University Art Collection and Portland Housing Society.

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