Light Construction – Building Mapping (2009)

This is a projection mapping project i joined in 2009.

Project: Light Construction

Production: Center for Art and Technology Taipei National University of the Arts.

Production of Staff: Fujui Wang, Shi-Bang Wang, Yung-Ta Chang, Ting-Hao Yeh, Ke-Nan Liao, Chloe Liao.

Year: 2009.

“Light Construction” uses digital technologies, using light, shadows, colors, pictures, infrastructure, sounds etc, to reconstruct a scene of public infrastructure. This enables the possibility of interaction between digital media, infrastructure and public spaces, enabling the public to participate and enjoy the show outdoors.
Through light, we can see new forms of infrastructure: when the light changes we can see changes in infrastructural forms and shapes. An actual wall and light construction creates a virtual interface, revealing a line that exists between continuously missing, continuously changing forms and shapes, an infrastructure form caused by weaving light and sounds. “Light Construction” uses digital technology to create new “incidents”, utilizing light, shadows, and infrastructures to create virtual infrastructural scenery, moving our inner senses, making us imagine a scene that is out of our reality.
A box and virtual network space, walking out of the Fine Arts Museum, “Light Construction” kicks off a brand new model of conversation between digital media and people in the city.

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