Market Space

VC Project: Visualising Experience
Made by: Nancy Lee and Manon Drielsma
Tutor: Andrew Burrell

Market Space is a site specific App that allows users to experience local markets through a new lens. Looking at stalls and attractions through the App, users experience an augmented Virtual Reality that invites them to explore more than just the visible elements of the space. MarketSpace illuminates another dimension and invites users to explore, share and trace the ever changing culture of the Markets.

The key actions of the app are; tracing the history of the space with the history function, accessing current information, and exploring a site specific social platform. The history trace allows users to swipe through images of a particular site to see what was located there 1 week ago, 2 weeks ago etc. This allows users to track their favorite stalls and also, provides a window into the ever-changing nature of the space. ‘Info’ is a convenient and fun way for users to access quick and current additional info on stalls. This is simultaneously an opportunity for stall-holders to communicate interesting facts about their stalls such as ingredients, origin, or production. Through the ‘Social’ option, users get to experience the social aspect of the markets in an inclusive and collaborative way, they can browse videos, photos, messages and reviews by other market goers and contribute their own memories and experiences.

Background Music:

Market Noise Sound:,

Iphone Shutter Sound:

Light Ball Ding Sound:

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