Monolith (with sound)

Participants are the subject of the Monolith. When we are confronted with the Monolith we are asked about ourselves, our own origin and where evolution is leading our appearance in a near future. New technologies culturally mutate our perception of the human body from a naturally self-regulated system to an artificially controlled and electronically transformed object. Installation refers to the relationship between human, screen and virtual world. It presents digital technology as invasion that has changed our culture, existence and perception of the world. When we enter the space of the Monolith our image is absorbed and transformed into the digital entity, floating into the next evolution step. We are confronted with fact that human thought and life are being transformed by something inhuman. On the other hand evolution is not only physical form, but a transformation of consciousness and humanity as well. Entry into the virtual reality is happening in real time, while we are in two worlds simultaneously. It is only an awareness that moves into the virtual world while the body remains in the real world and time.

Sound support: Ulrich Brandstätter

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