MR.Dali a new approach on the use of mixed reality

Mixed Reality is the connection between the real and virtual worlds. The fusion of digital information and the physical environment contains immense potential for products and services. In this rather explorative project we worked out many use cases and developed a tool set for scientists called MR.Dali.

MR.Dali supports scientists in collecting, processing, and sharing measurement data on-site. Due to image recognition information can be attached to real world objects. Eye-Tracking-Controller enables the user to navigate quickly and intuitively within the interface. With MR.Dali, scientists can now analyze and plan the collected geographic and climatic data.

The Bachelor thesis was a cooperation between the ZHdK and ETH Zürich, involving the following people: Mich Weber (ETHZ), Marco Kitzel (ETHZ), Stella Mühlhaus (ZHdK), Manuel Kallen (ZHdK).

Enabled by the Design and Technology Lab (DTL).

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