Music Box

technique: model (glass lampshade, acrylic on canvas, spray, cardboard, wooden base, LED lights, solar display)
size: 45 cm, ø 25 cm
place of signing the work: right bottom signature

The form of a music box is animated by the introduced moving element rotating around its axis, but it does not produce any sound which is to characterize the lack of human reaction to external stimuli. Presentation of the work possible during the day and at night.

This project addresses the problem of social coma caused by the influence of new media (networks and the latest technologies) on the communication of people, especially the younger generation. The common denominator of work is three elements: man, space and new media.

Man and interpersonal communication changes over time and developing technology. On a daily basis, we can observe how emotional ties are disappearing and relations with the surrounding are degraded by network identity.

The urban space in which man is located is the preferred subject of my search. It is a space where human behavior can be observed most often, and in particular the influence of new media that revolutionize culture, cause a breakthrough in the possibilities of communication, in access to information. Internet on your computer, interactive TV, multi-functional mobile phone – thanks to them you can communicate with anyone and anywhere in the world, you can receive all available information, shop, reserve tickets, order food – all without moving around. The principle of being becomes more and more often the requirement of immediacy (shortening the time of implementation of all processes, mainly communication).

The media becomes an extension of our senses and nervous system. Somewhere in the perspective, the effect of cybernetic culture becomes the integration of man with the machine and machines with the machine, which makes them disrupt the state of human consciousness, drag him into the unreal world and focus on what is virtual. A new type of information, network and media society is created, in which the media create a virtual reality.

The subject touches my anxiety and fear of the power of technology, which is increasingly dominating and degrading all humanity every day, especially young generations. I am interested in social effects, namely the observed lack of human reaction to external stimuli, which I think can be compared to the state of deep coma.

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