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Media Art Exhibition “Media/Art Kitchen- Reality Distortion Field (M/AK : RDF) ‘Media Shapes Mind: Mind Shapes Choice: Choice Shapes Future’”
By BACC Exhibition Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and The Japan Foundation
21 December – 16 February 2014
at Main Gallery, 7th floor,5th floor and 3rd floor

As part of the commemoration of the 40th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation in 2013, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in collaboration with the Japan Foundation present a media art exhibition from artists around the Southeast Asia region. With a group of Southeast Asian curators and their Japanese counterparts jointly refine the concept of the exhibition through surveys and discussions. The artworks and artists are presented at each venue and lastly will exhibit in Bangkok under the concept and selection of Thai curators. The exhibition will present interdisciplinary media art in the widest sense encompassing genres such as film, digital video, photography, game, sound, and performance.



by Witaya Junma

Symbols are constructed by human to represent subjective
values such as emotions and ideas. Every symbol originates from our
imagination. This project utilizes basic geometric forms to symbolize the
determined content, in this case, suffering. Two primary sufferings for
human are physical and psychological.

Physical suffering derives from harm and pain caused on the
flesh body: coldness, sickness, injury, hunger, etc. These physical
sufferings require care and treatment to be given to the body. Such
sufferings are unavoidable as we live through our bodies.

Psychological or emotional suffering is crafted from the psyche. It
is partly induced by physical suffering; injury or sickness leads to
distress and fear. Ways of calming these emotions are often difficult or
too abstract to achieve due to the overly stimulated and shifting state of
contemporary societies. People do get lost, having no place to manifest
their faith in.

This project is a situation created to deal with psychological
sufferings that originate from bodily sickness. They are represented by
symbols and conditions (triangle, square and circle forms). Virtual
images of ailed bodies emerge with faces replaced by black geometric
shapes, symbolizing marks of sufferings. Their appearances are
triggered when the audience enters into the work space, becoming a
crucial component of the work itself. The only way to disrupt the display
of suffering bodies is when one picks up a flashlight and shine it onto
symbol sensor objects; retreating the figures back into its elemental
state of geometric forms. Witaya explores crucial human instinct to
search for light when in darkness, and investigates the importance of
light: to chase away the unwanted, guide one out of the darkness, or
reveal the path to knowledge.

The aim for this project is for the audience to explore into their
own psyche and consciousness, through direct experience with virtual
reality. The artwork is by no mean the method to relieve sufferings, but
a perspective illustrated for the audience to rethink their own ways of
tackling different psychological troubles. Witaya experiments with new
conditions: materialising emotions into tangible symbols that could allow
one to manage their traumas objectively and creatively.

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