NWO 2018 Astrological Forecast 5.1 – Uranus Revolutionizing Sex with Virtual Reality Technology

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Here we continue discussing the themes of a technological sexual revolution which is being espoused as a great benefit to society by the likes of Futurist groups such as Futurism.com. Combining ‘Abyss Creations’ with technology such as the ‘Sofia robot head’ (from Hanson Robotics) will bring about sex robot dolls for a wide variety of uses. To push the envelope a bit further there is talk of 3D printing penises and vaginas to switch in and out as you please, along with rabbits merged with human erectile tissue; the Watcher angels of Genesis 6 story comes to mind with this kind of technology and ambition coming into the mass consciousness with Uranus moves into Taurus.

Additional Resources:
Futurism Website: https://futurism.com
The Future of Sex Article: https://futurism.com/the-future-of-sex-how-intimacy-is-transforming
Sex Robots from Abyss Creations: https://realbotix.com

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