Philippe + Jackie | A Marriage Proposal in V.R.

Philippe hired The Yes Girls to help him plan out the perfect way to ask Jackie to marry him. He spent days, maybe weeks building a VR game filled with call-outs to their favorite games, inside jokes, and beverages of choice (coke), and more. We greeted her at the loft in SF under the pretense that she was there to play a cool new VR game, and we led her, essentially blindfolded, to an arrangement of candles, flowers, and Starcraft inspired paintings of them. She played through the game, laughing through her amazement at what was happening inside her headset, when the game prompted her to remove the headset. And there was Philippe, ready to propose. How dope is that?

Music: Foreigners by Luke Thompson, Licensed through
Planners: The Yes Girls®
Florists: Urban Botanica
Photography: The Allens Photography

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