PLATEAUS (2015) at das weisse haus Vienna

“random thoughts of a daily light” 2015, das weisse haus Vienna
video teaser of the installation

Plateaus, unfolds a floating immersive landscape, infinitesimal. The work, that concerns itself with questions about infinity and the meaning of reality, reflects on the spaces of the “information era”. It returns to Borges’ literature, commenting on the idea of endless references to places, stories, and memories. As a “Utopia” scape, an excerpt of the digital in its physical form, the work emerges through the properties of the material and acoustics as light and sound. The audio contains a human voice that whispers fictional cities. The voice is in contrast to the material and a descant approach to the cold “virtual world” that resonates on the emotional perception.
Juliana Herrero

Photography: eSeL, Joanna Pianka (opening exhibition) / Christina Werner (work views)
Press text: Friederike Schempp

Connections are created and assumed in a room, whose architecture is affected by the installation ‚Plateaus’. A floating landscape made out of wire, formes the fundament, alongside it`s intersections a soundtrack is running, which names fictional cities. Material and sound are both liaising a conjunction, which becomes playground of the properties of the media through the combination of acoustics and material, and an interpunction of space and time. An essayistic characteristic texture acrues, a digital appeared net, which traces places, histories and memories. These memories intervene in what is perceived and let the viewer sense an intermdediate reality, which is detached from space and time, which is – in the moment one believes to have grasped it – transforming, dilating. Intangible, shoreless, elusive, as the light goes.
Linearities and chronologies do not appear in the work, instead ot those reflections and associations, both those of the artist, as well as those of the viewer, are conjoining to a consciousness chain.
The geometry of the landscape, once interwoven lines, then suddenly in three-dimensional progression, becomes storage of information and reflections. The „utopia“ landscape is then emerging as light, rising the Plateau to it`s original meaning, which outruns a physical representation of space. ‚Plateaus’ turns into a Zone, that emits and receives informations, and which is waiting to be entered.

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