Positive Technology App created by the EU funded Interstress Project

Psychological stress occurs when an individual perceives that environmental demands tax his/her adaptive capacity. In this viewpoint, stressful daily experiences could be defined as a continuous person-environment transaction in which individual isn’t able to effectively cope with a challenge that is perceived to exceed his/her skills. Positive Technology App (PTA) is the first mobile application (Ipad 2/New Ipad) worldwide that integrates a 3D Virtual Reality environment with a mobile biofeedback technology to help users in managing and coping with daily psychological stress.
Specifically, PTA exploits the incredible progress in the field of wearable low-cost biosensors (it uses a commercial sensor from Adidas – MyCoach – that costs less than 100 US$/70 €) to allow an effective psychological interventions in daily situations. Within an engaging Virtual Reality Island, the user has the chance to learn and practice effective relaxation techniques. More, it is also possible to use a mobile Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback Training aimed to help individuals in managing and control the physiological changes induced by stress: variations in the Heart Rate Variability indexes controls the features of the virtual environment, like the increase or the decrease of the size of a virtual campfire and of a virtual waterfall.

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