Quick Brown Fox – Episode 2 (360˚) – Case Study

Case Study: http://slanted.studio/work/quick-brown-fox-episode-2/
Watch it in 360: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3oubxnOk8c&feature=youtu.be

We took the pack out for a deep sea adventure in Episode 2 of Quick Brown Fox, a series of bumps using our favorite pangram. This is our 360˚ video exploration and it was a pure joy to make. You can view it on YouTube via your computer, tablet or phone AND in VR!

The fox is having a whale-of-a-time while the lazy dog rolls around in the sun all day. They made some new friends on their Summer vacation we think you should meet. Come ride our 360˚ wave and say hello to everyone. The water’s fine!

Slanted Studios
Producer: Jennifer Vance
Executive Creative Director: Michelle Higa Fox

Creative Director: Yussef Cole
Design and Animation: Ana Kim
Concept Art: Sarah Orenstein
Music: Podington Bear “Orange Juicier”

Case Study
Editor: Tynesha Foreman

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