Special thanks to Tokyo Megaplex for their music and help remixing it to fit the reel.

Open: Personal Project with XParticles (Redshift)
00:10: Personal Project in Houdini (Redshift)
00:11: Modeling and Texturing (Octane)
00:12: Design and Animation
00:13: Book. Animation, Texturing and Lighting (Redshift)
00:13: Turbine. Personal Project, Modeling Texturing, Lighting, XParticles (Redshift)
00:13: Plane. Texturing, Lighting, General DP (Redshift)
00:14: Texturing, Lighting, Animation (Octane)
00:15: Animation and Rigging
00:16: Creative Direction, Animation
00:15: Art Direction, Animation and Design
00:17: Art Direction, Animation and Design
00:18: Texturing, Lighting, Camera Animation (VR)
00:21: Animation and Design
00:22: Texturing and Camera Animation (VR)
00:23: Personal Project (Arnold)
00:24: Personal Project in Houdini (Redshift)
00:25: Personal Project (Arnold)
00:26: School of Motion Holiday Card (Redshift)
00:27-30: Art Direction, Animation and Design (Octane)
00:31: Personal Project with XParticles (Redshift)
00:32: Modeling, Texturing, Animation, (Redshift)
00:32-33: Personal Project for Deadmau5 and Brograph Jam
00:34: Brain. Animation
00:34: Hair. Personal Project (Redshift)
00:35: Art Direction, Design and Animation
00:37: Mixed.Parts Brief (Redshift)
00:38-Closing: Personal Projects.

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