Reimagine: Identity of Self @IDEO

April 17, 2018 @ IDEO SF

We leave behind so much ephemera of our “selves” online, what if the dead could whisper?

There’s emerging tech available now that can do faceswaps in videos using machine learning, or even create new footage from a large enough training set. There’s similar tech that can recreate our voices if we provide a representative voice sample database. And with the amount of digital ephemera we produce, rich training data sets might soon exist for almost anyone.

Could this allow us to leave behind “ghosts” for our loved ones to interact with? Could these ghosts be created without our consent? What happens if these ghost proliferate? Would these ghosts be given a “lifespan” like our flesh, or be effectively immortal?

In short, what happens when the dead don’t digitally die?

Chelley’s presentation is centered around VR and consciousness, covering topics pertaining to consciousness outside of the body (outer body experiences) and how virtual reality can induce feelings of a phantom self. Visual imagery intensified by fully immersive works further develop the human ability for imaginal “rescripting” of experiences. She examines both modern advancements in VR and folk psychology, and it’s implications on how we approach our feelings of the afterlife and the self.
Leif Haven Martinson, Botanic Technologies, Redreamer
Burton Rast, Google
Sean Mulholland, IDEO

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