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I guess this metaphorically shows the way the world seems invisible to me the more I think about it. Everything is illusion fooling our senses. Nothing is real. Everything is perceive and falsely analysed by the brain in order for it to make sense for what our consciousness can take. I try to make sense of it by constructing fake places that seem more real to me then reality itself. This is why I took a very evoking and emotive image of mine and mixed it with other images I took to create this kind of new space where all I feel like doing is to lie down on the floor, look at the glowing curtains and listen to the white noise forever.

This whole idea was very instinctive for me and I think it probably comes from the fact that I feel like we soon will be living in the most difficult times that humans have ever experienced. I think that relatively soon, all that will be left will be shadows, shadows the sun will cast on the dead matter. I think that because even though there always have been plagues on earth like war and natural catastrophes, there always was hope of an end while now we have reach the point where the catastrophes are more and more frequent and planetary problems occur and are expected to occur sooner and more frequently then we think. Most of us are living in the hopes of now dead people but are looking directly into hard times. All the scientific studies that prove the weakness of our mind and the fact that times are not expected to get better really makes me feel like maybe we don’t really exist. Maybe we are just energy seeing and feeling according to an external source that we are unaware of.

Since I was only six years old I remember my ultimate fantasy was to be lying down on a comfortable surface and to float in the air wherever. I have always been a spacy immortal being in an odd way. The body that owns me is just a vessel I am sometimes attached to and I think that with my art I have been exploring and visiting those virtual places that only I have been when I let go of my body.

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