Short Excerpt of “Spharen Wanderer”

1080HD CG Animation
7:35 Minutes, Looped
Animation by Marjan Moghaddam
Music Kyle Bobby Dunn
Media: Motion Capture of improvised dance and martial arts, 3d CG modeling and rendering, 3d animation, Video, special effects, digital and analog painting, Motion Graphics, photos and text (poetry)
Conceived as a looping, wall-hung, animated painting, a figure confined to the pictorial space of a portrait slowly wanders in the composition, using a narratology designed for discontinuous viewing. This is a thought-provoking CGI animation with an embedded poem that explores “being” in the Post Digital age, partly inspired by contemporary German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk’s ideas. The looping animation employs an ambiguous narrative so it can be viewed in parts for a few seconds or for the entire duration, conceptually derived from how traditional paintings function.
Using an electronic color palette while also referencing a painterly pastiche, this project employs 3d and 2d CG, motion capture of improvised dance, special effects, and poetry in part inspired by the illuminated manuscripts of my Persian ancestry as redefined for our Post Millenial era.
I create my own virtual reality worlds based on artistic imagination and the dynamics of digital media space. I model, paint, texture, animate, write and edit all the components using a stream-of-consciousness approach. I use motion capture of improvised dance and performance to drive my signature style Post Humanist characters and audio-triggering of various elements as a form of media synaesthesia. I create elaborate CG experiences as part of actively redefining form for digital painting in the Post Millennial era. My intention was to create a virtual reality experience that is contemplative and sublime with depth and complexity, rooted in the imaginative and artistic traditions of both western and eastern painting as transposed to digital media.
Additional Credits:
Motion Captured Dancer: Yu Chien Chen
Motion Capture: Adam Noah
Motion Capture Editing: Adam Noah and Yu Chien Chen
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