Short Excerpt Sometimes Up, Sometimes Down,

Sometimes Up, Sometimes Down, Short Excerpt
1080HD Single Channel CGI Animation with Music.
3 Minutes
By Marjan Moghaddam
Shows: Separation Anxiety I at IFAC/Wallplay, and Separation Anxiety II at Cutlog Art Fair during Frieze Art Fair Week 2014, NY
Available on SD Card with a custom Plug & Play 4″ Unix computer which plays this animation at 1080HD 50MB per second data rates for super high resolution playback on any HDMI display.
Additional Credits:
Music: Kyle Bobby Dunn
3d Modeling and Animation: Marjan Moghaddam
Editing and Special Effects Marjan Moghaddam
Media: Motion Captured boxing, 3d modeling and animation, text (poetry, prose and writing), video, special effects, photos, illustration and music.

Conceived as a wall hung and animated painting, “Sometimes Up, Sometimes Down” uses Motion Capture data of a knockout punch applied to 3D figures in my signature style, as a metaphysical discourse about collapse and recovery, mixed with poetry and special effects. The looping animation employs a discontinuous narratology, so it can be viewed in parts for a few seconds or for the entire duration, this is conceptually derived from the idea of the confined pictorial space of a traditional painting as transposed to time-based media. Within this setup, I explore the possibilities for visuals and narrative simultaneously, while employing Post Humanist philosophies.

Using an electronic color palette while also referencing a painterly pastiche, this project employs 3d and 2d CG, text and special effects, while suggesting the many facets of contemporary digital aesthetics. I create my own virtual reality worlds based on artistic imagination and the dynamics of digital media space, rather than realistic physical reality. I model, paint, texture, animate, write and edit all the components using a stream-of-consciousness approach. Working with motion capture of improvised dance and performance to drive my signature style characters, I create elaborate CG experiences as part of actively redefining form for digital painting in the post millennial era. For me, painting in our era is a pictorial space that is CGI, cinematic, 3-dimensional and graphic, with text and special effects designed for multiple iterations of media, this wall-hung project being one version.In contrast to the over-commercialization of new media, her works insist on a deeper dialog in which global, personal, political, technological, and philosophical dimensions interact poetically and powerfully in sublime narratives.

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