Te Kete Tuauri By Cholena Perry

Te Kete Tuauri represents the unseen aspects of virtual energy, using a traditional Māori worldview to activate an emotional connection between the viewer and the artwork. We are now living in an era between points of the virtual and physical worlds, where electronics have become extensions of our bodies. Virtual energy, the realm of electronic communication, is part of being human in our time. We are a society that has become dependant on such technology in order to sustain our cultural and social reality. The majority of everyday communication and experiences occur in environments outside of our corporeal field, yet there is a lack of knowledge, understanding and consciousness about this space. Māori deliberately created mythological stories and legends to represent these unseen realms. It is through these representations of the unexplainable, that everything seen and unseen became more comprehendible. Through the use of abstract photography, which represents the unseen aspects of virtual energy, this project encompasses traditional cultural elements. This offers an alternative method of understanding and comprehending the intangible. The work creates an emotional connection between the viewer and artwork; allowing the participant to transit from a sense of being physically present into a notion of liminality, becoming consciously involved in the pursuit to gain understanding of the unseen aspects of virtual energy.

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