Terasem Gathering May 2011


(If you haven’t visited the first part of the May 2011 Terasem Gathering, you might wish to start there, at the following link.) http://vimeo.com/23661068

This is the Star Trek Enterprise part of the tour of Soleri City. If you choose the ‘Full Screen’ or ‘HD’ option at the lower-right corner, the text-chat screens will become far easier to read.

But, where *are* we? We are hovering just above “Soleri City”, fully 3000 meters in the sky above Terasem Island, in Second Life, the world’s largest virtual reality.

After the first part of the Gathering, where we reviewed the Truths of Terasem for May in the Terasem Amphitheatre below, we teleported from Terasem Island to the base of the main Tower, named “Arcology II” by its designer.

Then, we we visited a 100 meter holodeck just below the city. There, we saw the enormous range of visual environments that could be used for Transhumanist meetings of all kinds.

In a subsequent video-tour, we’ll show you parts of that, but for now, we’ll skip those stops and go to the last part of the Gathering, an extended discussion of far-reaching ideas on Star Ship Enterprise’s full size Bridge. It’s mostly text chat, but there are some voices (ours) discussing what’s going on, captions that add to the sense of what’s going on, and lots of activities on the part of those attending as they pound away at their keyboards. As mentioned above, these screens are easier to read in the ‘full screen’ or ‘HD’ mode available at the lower-right corner of the screen.

Thanks for joining us at this final part of Terasem’s Gathering in Second Life for May, 2011. Watch Terasem’s Facebook pages for more about what’s coming up in the future, in Second Life, on and (as in this video) far above Terasem Island.


Fred & Linda

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