The Bunny Man – Part Four in 360 VR SCARY HORROR

The Bunny Man is a decades-old legend. Until now.

Part 4 of 5 in HD Virtual Reality 360.

Put your phone in a VR Headset with headphones on for the best experience!

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Kat Bartley
Alexandria Colonial Tours Host

Wayne Kehoe is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. He has been giving tours in Old Town Alexandria since 2009. Wayne has had many personal experiences and pictures to go along with his stories, so if you are lucky enough to go on a tour with Wayne, you will definitely see a ghost (a picture at least)!

Jullian Kline
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Want more? We’ve got a Rental Performance like no other! In full HD Virtual Reality Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees, see Old Town Alexandria as our guest on this 45-minute walking ghost tour and listen to ghost stories we won’t even tell you IRL:

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