TRAGOS: A CyberNoir Witch Hunt – a film by Antero Alli

TRAGOS (2000; 105 min. USA) Antero Alli.

An urban tribe of technopagans execute their ecstatic rites in “Tragos”, a virtual reality program until their leader, Bella Luxor, over amps the device and goes blind. At the same time, her sister’s consciousness is assimilated into the program causing her physical death. Was her death accidental or was the Tragos program used as a suicide machine?! Robert Logos, a fundamentalist Christian attorney, views this death as the workings of a satanic suicide cult. He hires an unemployed actor to act as a mole to bring their demise in this cyber-noir tale of tragedy and redemption in the hyper-digitized scapegoat era of the future now.

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