Trailer: The House of Time, Part Two: ‘Every Day Is The Day’

Filmaur Multimedia proudly presents
Michel Montecrossa’s courage and love climate change musical
The House Of Time,
Part Two: ‘Every Day Is The Day’

Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali, Diana Antara, Savitri Blanche, Mirachandra, Sabrina Axisa, their Avatars and virtual-sensual personalities

Written and directed by
Michel Montecrossa

With the music of:
Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara

The saga of Cyberwarrior Michel, his girls and his music unfolds in Sky-City into the next level of song-power, Cyber-Magic and stunning future-vision.

Be ready for the moral of immorality, the shaking up of Sky-City, the ultimate sensuality of virtual and organic reality world.

Get hot with Cyberwarrior Michel, his girls Mystery and Hazel and the Agent-Dancer Hussein activating their Avatars, their virtual-erotic personalities and their virtual action pals to blow the entire concept of Sky-City and Astrid’s studio up into a supra-psychological interaction with Cyberwarrior Michel’s brainstorm songs.

They are pushing organic and virtual world forward into an ultimately liberating total orgasm of consciousness.

Don’t hold back your catharsis of love:
See, feel and listen!

Come to The House Of Time
Part II: ‘Every Day Is The Day’!
See here the Trailer of The House Of Time, Part One: ‘Every Moment’:
Special Trailer of The House Of Time, Part One: ‘Every Moment’:

Buy here Michel Montecrossa Full-Stream-of-Consciousness feature film length movies:

The House Of Time, Part One: Every Moment

The House Of Time, Part Two: Every Day Is The Day

The Resurrection Movie

The Invisible Wall

Going To The Spirit Of Woodstock Festival

Click here for the complete booklet PDF with the text of Michel Montecrossa’s ‘The House Of Time’ Commentary, Flashback & Story and Gallery of the Organicality & Virtuality Main Actors:

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