\^^\v\ >\ < \>\ – piece for live electronics and video

^ ^V > < > straddles the liminal space where consciousness resides in limbo between the cyberbody and the biobody following a time of absorption in virtual reality. This state is known as “alternative world disorder”: a state of “perceptual nausea” and an “acute form of body amnesia,” which can lead to the “rupture of the kinaesthetic from the visual senses of self-identity… a lag occurring between the virtual body and the biological body” (Michael Heim). Suspended in this space between the virtual and physical, it is unclear as to whether this is a state of paralysis and dissociation or a transcendence of the body-mind. The cognitive responses and processes ingrained in the virtual world step out of synch with those of the physical world–thus we find the human being merging, yet still being out of phase, with the machine.

*Video was taken from found family footage, a collection of super-8 film shot in the 1970s by the composer’s grandfather, compiled, edited, and processed by the composer.

Produced through the generous support of the I-Park Inc. artist residency program in June 2017.

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