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Virtual Walk Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -Treadmill Video – Visit Petronas Twin Towers , Gardens and Much More

A new concept in fitness, Virtual Walks!
World Nature Video has pioneered a revolutionary and effective way of making workouts fun and something to look forward to. There is nothing more disheartening than running on an electrical treadmill watching boring TV programs in a gym. Now, with Virtual Walks, you can exercise in a virtually real world of your choice, every day of the week. This DVD is all about making time disappear as you jog or walk and giving your calorie busting exercise an extra boost by removing boredom out of the equation. Each of the three films allows you to build up a routine that is right for you any day of the week.
Virtual Walks – Kuala Lumpur gives you three “walks/cycling routes” to choose from. Each film gives the impression you are running, walking briskly or cycling through a vista and makes boredom in treadmill or stationary cycling a thing of the past. The Malaysian capital has changed over the years from its humble origins of being a shanty town to becoming an awesome bustling 21 th century metropolis with the famous Petronas towers, one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers dominating the skyline. With this DVD, your first virtual walk takes you to The Lake Gardens. Join the many joggers on a typical Malaysian afternoon, on a path lined with palms and you can even climb up the small hill of the stunning hibiscus gardens where you will feel refreshed through a tropical rain shower. The ultra modern architecture surrounding the area is nothing short than breathtaking! Our second walk is all about relaxation in the sun. Discover more of the tropical gardens and walk amongst the lotus ponds, little bridges and fountains while the tropical birds keep you company. Finally, we offer you a chance of sharing an evening experience walk through the beautiful lights and sights on Merkeda square. The Islamic architecture at night is amazing and the Mosques and fountains are majestic and truly awesome. You may even catch a glimpse or two of the famous towers. Filmed in glorious HD each film here is a triumph of ambient reality adding to the virtual sense of reality you will get to look forward to every time you jump on the treadmill. You can also loop the films allowing you a longer workout.
Virtual Walks – Kuala Lumpur is part of a new concept produced exclusively by World Nature Video. This collection aims to make exercise fun. Too often, people start well enough but soon, good intentions are abandoned. One of the major factors of giving up is the sheer boredom of gym workouts. Virtual Walks collection changes the whole perception of exercise indoors and people all over the world over agree. Filmed by Tony Helsloot and his team, this DVD has been produced by the highest quality professional equipment, as all the other DVD’s are. Tony has worked for over 15 years with clients such as the BBC, MTV and numerous hospitals and care centres around the world. His latest brain child Virtual Walks is an important step in fitness. With this collection, exercise is fun and something to look forward to. And with the title choice growing fast, you will soon be able to exercise all over the world every day of the week!

See What Customers Say :

Kuala Lumpur is a place you’ll want to visit next time you’re on the treadmill or spin-bike. What other place do you know of that has three forest reserves in the middle of the city? You can walk, jog or peddle through the 230 acres of enchanting Lake Gardens and never get bored.

But, if you crave the excitement of urban scenery, you can jog or peddle into the architectural wonderland of Kuala Lumpur, and marvel at the mixture of colonial, religious, and Asian designs—from towering sky scrapers to urban temples.

And that’s what makes this DVD such a valuable resource for your workouts: it’s interesting! The time flies by as you explore this exotic locale, which offers the beauties of Nature and the beauties of breathtaking architecture. It is a workout DVD you’ll want to replay again and again. Jog in the park if you want, or peddle through the city, or loop the workout scenes so that you get the best of both worlds. This is a great workout experience.

Dan Carrison,Usa

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