VR Swingle’s Roughly 5 Silly RPG Questions for March 2014

The questions :
1. When was the last time you celebrated a character’s birthday in your TableTop RPG game?
2. Which setting brought you the most Canon fanatics?
3. Considering how many male enhancement drugs a male like me is offered online, how do you think peddlers would advertise their adult ‘magical’ items in a typical fantasy world? Gives a new meaning to a Bull Strength potion.
4. How would you turn your favorite campaign sessions into a movie? 4 hours maximum and no cop-out answer saying it has to be done as a TV series.
5. What is your latest inspiration from media for a character? Could be playing a video game, watching moving pictures, discussion about trolling and deciding to play a Bard to enact said trolling behavior.

The links:

Black Sabbath album cover

Def Leppard “Women” music video

Fleetwood Mac

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