Watermill Residency NY – Reality Bytes – Georgie Roxby Smith

The Watermill Center is a laboratory for the arts and humanities providing a global community the time, space and freedom to create and inspire. The Watermill Center in New York was founded by Robert Wilson.

The work of Australian artist Georgie Roxby Smith challenges the relationship between analog and digital systems, questions materiality and explores new possibilities of virtual reality software. During her Watermill Center residency, Smith collaborated with new media and theater artists from New York and New Zealand to develop Reality Bytes, an interdisciplinary creation that incorporates visual arts practice, installation, new media art, video art, theater and performance, bringing them together in one “event.” In Reality Bytes, she extracts and re-injects her Second Life avatar into physical space so that her work exists on a kaleidoscope of planes: “in world,” within a body of physical sculptures, as ephemeral projections in space; and as recreated performances by both humans and avatars. The effect is that of a hall of mirrors, in which viewers occupy multiple realities at once. In fact, through Second Life, audiences have the ability to access the virtual installation component of the final work not only in person at Watermill, but from their own homes.

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