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You Visit is a virtual reality company that offers a platform for businesses to share immersive experiences with their audience. When we originally sat down with their marketing team, we discussed the key messages we wanted to get across to their customers.

During the process of making this marketing film, You Visit’s business model shifted to include B2C as well as B2B. When we first started the project, You Visit was inly focused on B2B so thise presweetened a challenge to the approach. After some brainstorming, we discovered that we would focus mostly on the B2B aspects of the video as they would introduce video this to their business customers. These were some of the key messages:

360 degree video platform for business
Creating immersive experiences for customers
Creating more engagement with the audience
Fits many verticals including travel, real estate, entertainment, retail, education, etc
Inspire customers to take action after experiencing VR powered by You Visit
Enjoy on all devices
Feel more attached to a businesses product or service
Create an urge to want to go there
Cutting edge technology
Create your own VR experience or use You Visit’s professional VR services
Customer’s urge to share their experience

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