Mii Atenea is the best mobile workspace, designed to take advantage of travel time. It is a fourth level of autonomy electric car that works based on a ride-sharing routine service, in which three people commute to work and want to be productive or just relax and enjoy the trip.

The owner and another occupant take advantage of their time while another user without that need is in charge of driving. The two workers have all kinds of facilities to perform their tasks (tables, privacy settings, light …) and can relax using virtual reality and aromatherapy.

During the working hours of the owner, the vehicle is available to use for other people of the company or freelances.

Mii Atenea provides a space where you can work comfortably and with privacy using the most advanced technologies. A space in line with the new tendencies of teleworking, which flows in the efficiency and well-being of the workers.

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