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360V.R. Video lets you relive life’s best moments. Go Tell Everybody!

As a lover of all things Video and Technology based, I couldn’t help but dive right into the world of 360 once i learned that you could watch the content in Virtual Reality Devices. That’s right. If that’s news to you, you’re way behind in technology innovation news and should watch the tutorials at

Basically, using the latest Camera technology (known as 360 camera filmography), you can record a moment of time , a wedding, a concert, a sporting event, your baby’s first step. Anything. Then using Virtual Reality devices (using your PC or mobile cell phone and GearVR or cardboard V.R (5–100$) you can relive that moment again. When you put on the VR viewers you become the camera, that was recording, and can be “present” , in that moment again. This is world changing.

So, with that knowledge in mind, I went on a trip of a lifetime across Canada, telling everyone who would listen and recording lots of travels and adventures that you can “experience” yourself in either 360 gyroscopic motion or in V.R. viewers My hope is that the following videos might help spread the knowledge of this amazing technological development.

Access the 360 video links in your PC or mobile device and be sure to set the resolution to highest. They are best viewed through YouTube, and to truly enjoy them to their fullest, I suggest sitting in a swivel chair so you can rotate around and look at everything.

I Visited Tofino, Vancouver, Hope,Whistler , Harrison Hot Springs, Golden , Kelowna , Nakusp, Revelstoke BC, Banff, Lake Louise , Jasper, Calgary, Canmore, Edmonton Alberta, Regina Sask, Niagara Falls, Ottawa and Montreal Qc, Edmunston NB, and Oak Island Nova Scotia, Peggys cove here is an awesome video compilation
To capture all those great places I Drove 7500 kms, Crossing Canada Twice, across BC4 times and I saw bears, moose, elk, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, whales, otters, jellyfish, harbour porpoises, salmon . I also fed wild seals, you gotta see. Here is a compilation video of animal experiences. (fun warning, you will get licked by a 60ft tall puppy)

Adventures including: Mountain Pipe Coaster, Quad-ding, Stanley park Aquarium, Zip-lining, West Edmonton Mall, Heli-Tour, Hot springs, Whale watching, Boating, Summit hiking, gondola rides, Treasure hunting, Camping, storm chasing and way more
all of these experiences can be accessed by clicking on them or can be found on my growing YouTube 360VR Channel

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Even more content is accessible at my 360VR. Content Portal — a Homepage for your Virtual Reality Device. This Is Me In VR .com provides ease of access to VR content as it is created. (also, if you want to see the future of the internet, try the 360 Beta link to Navigate between PORTALS from ‘within’ your mobile or V.R. device simply by looking a PORTAL buttons. (wild stuff, web surfing will never be the same)

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